Anything I can help you with?

You may already have a website, and need a little work done on it. Perhaps some changes, or perhaps something is broken or not working properly. If so, please feel free to give me a call on 01303 770340 or email me on if you need some help, no matter how small a job. If you don’t have time to meet in person, we can talk over the phone or via email, and I will work our whether its something I can help you with. If so – great! If not – no problem.

WordPress Security Audit and Update Service

wordpress website securityI have seen many WordPress websites set up with little or no attention to the important issue of website security.

If you are concerned that your WordPress website may be at risk, I offer an Audit and Update Service, designed to fix key vulnerabilities.

Learn more about WordPress and its Security.

Email me on or call me on 01303 770340 to learn more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Folkestone KentWhat?
SEO is the process of attempting to get your website high in the rankings in Google etc when people search for relevant terms, and preferably on the first page of search results that are generated.

If your business comes entirely from recommendation or word of mouth, then you may not need to worry about SEO. However, if you need new clients to find you easily on the internet when they are looking to purchase related products, then it is essential you ensure your SEO is good.

Google and others keep the rules they use to order search results a closely-guarded secret – after all they don’t want people ‘cheating’. From Google’s point of view, they, too, are offering a service – accurate, relevant search results, and that is primarily what they try to achieve.

With this in mind, it is not surprising to learn that the most important factor for SEO is content; clear, concise content relevant to what people are searching for. But there are many other related factors which influence how Google interpret your content – hidden information as well as the structure of the web pages themselves. And not to forget an interpretation of how ‘popular’ pages are, based on which other sites link back to them, and how widely they appear in social media pages. Lots to think about!

If you feel that your SEO is not up to scratch, and would like learn more about what needs to be done, why not email me on or call me on 01303 770340 .