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Professional website design Folkestone Kent! Creative Technologies specialises in beautiful bespoke websites built using the WordPress platform, the best and most widely used website development platform in use today.

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A beautiful new website exactly the way you want it

website design folkestoneIf you would like to discuss a new website with me, the first thing you’ll want to do is arrange a meeting with me to tell me about what you need, and to gain an idea as to whether you think I’m the right man for the job. All my initial client meetings are free of charge, and come with no obligation to continue.

During this meeting, I will listen carefully to your requirements, and may also add my own ideas into the mix. I’ll also ask you about the size and scope of your proposed website, so I can work out a quotation for you. And of course I’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and advise accordingly!

After our meeting, I will go away and prepare a proposal and quotation for you. This proposal will also include our terms and conditions for website builds. Don’t worry, these are painlessly brief and clear!

Read or download a generic version of our Proposal/Agreement document (PDF)

Its then up to you. If you need to ask any other questions, or are not sure about anything in the proposal document, just ask. If you would like to go ahead, we require the agreement back signed by you, along with an initial part payment, normally approximately one third of the quoted cost. And then we’re off! If you decide not to proceed, that’s perfectly OK. There will be no hard sell, no pestering, and I’ll always be happy to speak to you again if you need me in the future. Website design Folkestone Kent – easy!

Features of our websites

  • Content Management System (CMS) permitting you to update your website yourself.
  • Responsive design: website adjusts automatically to different screen widths, and is also compatible with tablets and mobile devices.
  • Attractive, home page with easy, intuitive navigation menus and a large image slideshow linking to the selected services you wish to highlight.
  • Social networking integration, with e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

How much does a new website cost?

website design folkestone kent‘How much does it cost?’ I hear you say! Of course everyone wants to know that, but I really do need to know what you require first. (Its a bit like saying ‘how much does a house cost’ otherwise!)

But to help you, I can say that the websites I build usually come in at between £700 and £1400, depending on their size. Sorry to be vague, but websites – like houses – do differ!

It may be that the above prices simply don’t fit your budget. Like you I live in the real world and these are austere times.

For this reason I provide a service whereby I set up your website infrastructure and carry out all the initial technical work, leaving you to create your web pages using a content management system (CMS).

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And what about any future changes?

After your website has been built and launched, you can always ask me to provide additional training or to carry out work on the website myself if you get stuck or you don’t have the time. For this additional work I would charge at my normal rate (currently £45 per hour). I’m always fair when charging my clients, and for very small jobs I will log a half or even a quarter an hour of my time if that’s all it takes.

We rely on reputation and excellent business relationships in order to thrive. As a point of principle we always charge fairly and as cheaply as we can.

Website Design Folkestone Kent: Client Development Website

We maintain a special Client Development Website, where we can share ideas with our clients, even at the quotation stage, before you have agreed to go ahead! This Development Website enables us to show you design themes or additional functionality that you may wish to use in your website. It’s a fantastic way of exploring ideas together, but from the comfort of your own home or office.

Friendly, helpful, professional website design Folkestone Kent. To learn more about our bespoke website design services, why not email me on or call me on 01303 770340 .

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