Google Adwords Marketing Folkestone Kent

Based in Folkestone Kent, we offer setup and management services for Google Adwords Marketing campaigns, to drive business to your website.

What is Google Adwords?

Adwords is a premium service run by Google, enabling people to pay for highlighted advertisements, which appear at the top of relevant search results, whenever people search on Google. By paying for Adwords, you can ensure your organisation is easily found by people searching for the services or products you offer.

google adwords marketing Folkestone Kent

How much does it cost?

Adwords is surprisingly cost-effective, as you personally set whatever budget you wish. This can be as low as £5 per day, but remember that the more you spend, the more traffic will be sent to your website. There is no tie-in, and you can start and stop your campaigns at any time.

How does it work?

Once your Adwords account is set up, you establish a set of keywords (words and phrases that – when searched for – will yield your advertisements). You then write your advertisements, and off you go! Then, when someone makes a relevant Google search, your advert will hopefully be displayed. You don’t pay anything to Google until someone clicks on your advert, and then you pay a pre-agreed cost-per-click (CPC), which can range between a few pence and several pounds. Your actual CPC is based on a bidding system, and you set an agreed maximum CPC for any keyword. Remember that other people are bidding, too, so whether or not your advert is displayed will depend on both your maximum CPC and those of others. Your advert will be displayed if your bid is sufficient, until your daily budget has been reached.

Can I set up Adwords and run my marketing campaigns myself?

Yes, of course.

So, why do I need to pay you to do it for me?

For two reasons: 1) to save you the time and effort; 2) because there is a lot to learn in order to get started and to get the most from your campaigns, and investing in a professional to run your campaigns for you can help drive more business your way. Adwords campaigns require time each month to be spent on reviewing analytics data, and in modifying keywords and keyword bids, in order to ensure you remain competitive.

How much do you charge for this service?

In addition to whatever daily budget you choose for your Adwords campaigns, I charge an initial set-up fee of £270, then – after the first month – a monthly management fee of £135 (unless your needs are very complex, in which case I will provide a quotation). For this, you will also receive a full report on your Google Analytics traffic statistics and Adwords performance.

Although I suggest a minimum period of 12 months in order to benefit most from the campaign, there is no tie in, and you can terminate or suspend your agreement with me at any time, even after 1 month if you wish; in which case your Adwords campaigns will continue to run under your personal management. (There is no tie-in with Google either, so you can cancel or suspend your Adwords campaign at any time.)

google analytics Folkestone kent

And what exactly do I get for my money?


  • Set up Google Analytics account
  • Incorporate Google Analytics tracking code into your website
  • Set up Google Adwords account
  • Devise campaign and Ad Group strategy
  • Create sponsored advertisements
  • Build keyword list
  • Establish keyword bids
  • Operationalise sponsored advertisements
  • Set up conversion tracking (Jargon? Just ask me!)
  • Initial performance report.


  • Use Google Analytics report data to assess traffic and search terms used
  • Refine website meta-data (hidden keywords) to enhance your organic SEO (search engine rankings) as well
  • Refine Google Adwords keywords and cost-per-click bids

  • Refine Google Adwords keywords and cost-per-click bids
  • Analyse conversion tracking data
  • Develop keywords list
  • Other suggestions to improve your website and organic SEO
  • Monthly performance report.

Is it commercially worthwhile for me?

This will depend on a variety of factors, including: how well known you already are; your current market share; how good your SEO is (i.e. whether you already show up on front page Google); the importance of internet marketing for your product or service; the unit cost of each product or service you sell.

Google Adwords or Analytics?

Of course, if you wish, we can also provide Google Analytics or Google Adwords setup as separate, individual services, if you don’t wish to have both.

How do I learn more?

If you live in Folkestone Kent or elsewhere in the Southeast, and think you might benefit from a Google Adwords marketing campaign, why not email me on or call me on 01303 770340 to learn more.