Wall Art and Media

Wall art and media Folkestoe Kent

Exhibition of Mat Mackenzie’s photographic work in Folkestone.

Mat Mackenzie’s beautiful photographic imagery is available to purchase on a variety of media, from postcards and prints to huge stretched canvases.

These images are also available as digital files for website use, and can also be used in conjunction with any graphic design products or services you may require from us.

View Mat’s artistic photographic gallery on Flickr

A polite request: We never just ‘borrow’ or ‘nick’ other people’s images from the web – this is stealing. Please be respectful of this and don’t simply take our images for you own use either.

If you need just a small digital image for a single purpose online, the cost will be very small – typically only about £5.

To purchase images from us, please email me on mat@matmackenzie.co.uk or call me on 01303 770340 .

Anne's Beach Islmorada Florida

The hauntingly beautiful Anne’s Beach, Islamorada, Florida.