Image Processing Services

Digital image processing services, based in Folkestone, Kent. Have you ever wondered why professional images look so amazing? Its not just down to the skill of the photographer at the time the photograph was taken, correct processing is also essential to make the best of any image.

‘But you have to have a very expensive camera to get amazing results.’ Not true! I took the image below with my iPhone 4.

Image Processing Services Hythe Storm

Processing your images

You may have your own digital images that you wish to use on your website or for other promotional purposes. It is important, however, that your digital files are correctly processed for their intended use. Factors to consider include: file size and type; DPI; colour balance and sharpening.

We use industry standard software (Photoshop) to process and optimise images for our clients for websites and print, and also offer this service on a bespoke basis as and when required.

Are your monitors calibrated to display colour and tone correctly? Ours are! Without correctly calibrated monitors, you have no idea what your images ‘really’ look like. We have invested in expensive calibration hardware to ensure our clients’ images are always perfect.

Learn more about monitor calibration

Please note that you will achieve much better results if we are able to start from RAW files rather than JPGs. However, if JPGs are all you have, we will make the very best of them!

Learn more about file formats

The image below was taken with a GoPro Hero 3 camera, which only shoots in JPG format. The before and after versions of this image clearly demonstrate how much image quality can be gained from correct processing, even when starting with JPG images.

image processing before image processing after

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