Dungeness Moon Periapsis Perihelion


Dungeness Moon Periapsis PerihelionSaturday 19th March was the Periapsis of the Moon; its point of closest excursion to the Earth. Furthermore, it coincided with a full moon, and the closest periapsis for 18 years, all in all a rare and remarkable event. And as if that wasn’t enough, the weather was perfect, with clear skies for the moonrise at 6.18 pm. An event not to be missed, I headed off to Dungeness to catch the spectacle.

Arriving at 4.00 pm with plenty of time to spare, I played around with a few new angles and alignments of familiar themes, and waited for the sun to set, retiring to The Brittania for a while to warm up with a coffee or two.

Without any clouds in the sky, a traditional sunset was out of the question, so I experimented with some colour-banding abstraction.

No-one really knew what the moonrise would be like, and after the sun had set, people waited patiently in the cold for the big event. I opted (rather sensibly, I think) to wait in my car in the warm. This served another cunning purpose: from the road, I could shoot at 300mm towards the fishing boats, and select a suitable subject to bring close to the moon itself.

It did not dissappoint. At just before 6.20 pm a huge moon appeared above the horizon, and silhouetted figures with tripods – myself included – scuttled across the shingle to find that perfect angle. I kept shooting through the initial part of the moonrise, until the huge cherry moon, further magnified by the atmosphere, shrunk and paled into its more familiar form.

Dungeness Moon Periapsis Perihelion