Moby Dick Tours Website Design

Moby Dick Tours

Moby Dick Tours Website Design

A stunning, media-rich site, highlighting the beauty of the Cayman Islands. Includes bespoke photography and online marketing campaign.


We recently commissioned Mat Mackenzie to redesign our website, and are really pleased with the result. The new site is beautifully laid out, and is clear and easy to navigate. It’s fast, and always comes up when you search for it in Google. Mat is great to work with, and has always gone that extra step to make sure everything is just right. He has also developed a significant improvement to our online reservation system. We also used some of Mat’s own beautiful photography for the website, from his recent visit.

We also use Mat to run our online marketing campaign using Google Adwords and Trip Advisor. This is our sole advertising channel, and hence crucial to the success of our business. Over the months, Mat has optimised our Adwords campaigns, and we are starting see real improvements. September is always a very quiet month for us, and in past years we have suspended business. This year, with Mat’s help, we have made a profit during September for the first time.

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