Dr Mat Mackenzie

Professional Photographer, Web Designer and Data Management Consultant based in Folkestone, Kent.

To get in touch with me, please use whichever means of communication you prefer. All my initial client meetings are free of charge and come with no obligation.

Landline 01303 770340
Mobile 07967 964178
Email mat@matmackenzie.co.uk

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Why You?

Mat Mackenzie Folkestone KentA good question indeed! And let’s face it I can say what I like here and quite rightly you will take it with a pinch of salt, after all – words are cheap. So – whether you are looking for a web designer, a photographer or someone to help you get your business data in order – how do you choose the right person for the job?

People don’t do business with ‘other businesses’, they do business with ‘people’, and until we’ve met, you simply can’t get the true measure of a person. So let’s meet. I will always be happy to meet with you in person for an informal chat – free of charge of course – to discuss your requirements. If after this you don’t feel I’m the right man for your job, I certainly won’t be offended. Hopefully though, our first meeting will give you the opportunity to learn that I am earnest, professional, and passionately dedicated to what I do, and you will feel reassured about taking our business relationship forward.

My guarantee to you. I maintain the very highest standards in everything I do. After listening to your needs, I will evaluate your requirements and simply will not undertake any work that I do not feel I can carry out to the level of excellence that you expect. If I feel anyone else within my networks is able to better suit your needs, I will happily recommend them to you. But assuming I can, I will provide you with a detailed proposal and quotation, again with no obligation to you.

Professional Background

Mat Mackeznie PhD

I initially studied Sciences and Information Technology at Canterbury Christchurch University, obtaining a first class honours degree in 1992. This work included relational database theory and design, in which I now specialise. After my first degree, I continued developing my academic, communication and problem-solving skills, studying for a Ph.D. in Information Technology, which I was awarded in 1997.

But I’m not your typical academic. Don’t think for a moment that I will bore or confuse you with complex technical jargon. Far from it! I pride myself for my ability to listen to my clients’ needs carefully, and to communicate my ideas on whatever level they feel comfortable with. And that in a nutshell represents my unique selling point:

The powerful, creative problem-solving skills of an experienced academic, backed by an extensive design background, and all packaged in a surprisingly user-friendly interface!

Access my Ph.D. thesis at the British Library

Mat Mackenzie Web DesignerDuring these years of academic study, I felt a strong urge to establish a creative outlet, and I began writing fiction and poetry, as well as studying photography and working as a graphic designer. My interest in information technology naturally led me towards digital photography, and I purchased my first professional Digital SLR in 2008.

After my studies, I went on to work at the Centre for Health Services Studies at the University of Kent, first as a Researcher and then as Web Designer and Data Manager, a role I developed for myself over some years. I now work as a Web Designer, Photographer and Data Management Consultant, based in Folkestone in Kent.