hythe venetian fete 2015 flower shop float

Hythe Venetian Fete 2015 Timelapse

Hythe Venetian Fete is held every two years, and sees a wonderful parade of colourful floats sail up and down the Royal Military Canal. The event is held biennially, and last time I photographed the event.

This year, however, I wanted to do something a little different, and produced this Hythe Venetian Fete 2015 timelapse video of both daytime and after dark processions.

My Hythe Venetian Fete 2015 timelapse was created from approximately 4000 individual photographs, taken one per second. For 30 frame-per-second video, this means that each second of the film represents 30 seconds of time, i.e. activity has been speeded up 30 times.

For the panning effect, I use a special tripod mount, which slowly rotates, covering 180 degrees in 30 minutes.

The video is full HD, so please watch in full screen mode and select 1080P from the YouTube settings.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Hythe Venetian Fete 2015 Timelapse