Prime Lenses 50mm

Prime Lenses

A great way to improve your photography is to buy a prime lens.…
Quarterhouse Folkestone

File Formats

Should I use RAW, TIFF or JPG formats for my photos?...... All…
Saab Perspective Focal Length

A Different Perspective

Our minds are very sensitive to perspective in the way we interpret…
VW Van Lens Sweet Spot Aperture

Lens Sweet Spot

If you are taking a photograph of something flat, depth of field…
Grand Cayman Rum Point

Straight Horizons

Remember to keep those horizons straight. This is just about…
Anne's Beach Islmorada Florida

Thoughts on Composition

Some of my thoughts on composition... The art of composition…
Grand Cayman Barkers Beach

Better Holiday Snaps

For better holiday snaps, try placing the person you are shooting…
Ramsgate Night Photography

Ramsgate Night Session

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of joing the East Kent Cameras…