Abwood TS3 Silicon Grinding Machine

Big Game Shooting!

Certainly big, and it certainly takes time to get the best shot, but this sort of ‘big game’ is rather easier to sneak up on.

These huge machines are highly sophisticated, computerised, laser-guided grinding machines for the silicon blocks used in the solar panel manufacturing industry, and represent the state of the art.





This, my second commercial shoot for Abwood Machine Tools in Dartford, focused (pardon the pun) on their latest and most advanced machine, the TS3.

In a busy and crowded factory environment, the challenge was to produce a catalogue quality image, extracted from its background. Screening the background off in its entirety was not feasible, so this meant a lot of post-processing work in Photoshop, painstakingly removing all the unwanted background detail.

If you would like to discuss getting some fantastic photographic images taken of your products (however big or small!), why not get in touch? I’m always happy to just advise, if you are not ready to commit just yet.

Abwood TS3 Silicon Grinding Machine