Pembrokeshire Seal in a cave

BBC Wildlife Magazine

Pembrokeshire Seal in a caveI was recently proud to be approached by BBC Wildlife Magazine, who wished to publish several of my photographs taken on my sea kayaking adventures in Pembrokeshire.

These images, of deserted inaccessible coves and curious seals, were taken during a trip I made round Dinas Head, just northwest of Fishguard. This huge headland is roughly pentagonal in shape, and rises to shear, hundred foot cliffs at its furthest offshore point. A fabulous place to see seals, and nesting seabirds such as Guillemots, Razorbills and Cormorants.

There is something uniquely special about beaching for lunch at a place that simply cannot be reached on foot (that is, without serious climbing equipment!)

Sea Kayaking Pembrokeshire

sea Kayaking Pembrokeshire

BBC Wildlife Magazine